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The development of a spaceport in Scotland would provide enormous opportunities for the whole of the country. Please let us know what you think by leaving a message below.

Thank you!


Prestwick a frontrunner
I'm puzzled why you think Prestwick is a frontrunner in this when you just have to look at a map to see that it has no chance, there's precious little ability to extend the runway and there's vastly too many people living nearby, every time a rocket lights up 6000 people will loose their hearing. On that point the Prestwick response explicitly states they shouldn't be chosen if they can't handle the noise and there is no way they could.
From the consultation responses it's clear that on any basis that Prestwick is a good idea Newquay is a far better one and on any basis Newquay is a bad idea Campbeltown is better and Newquay is still better than Prestwick.
Posted by Lliam on 24 March 2015
Consultation & Technology
Since the UK Government has yet to issue any bid documents why does Prestwick think it is a front runner? What expertise has the bid team assembled, locally in UK and internationally to support its bid? Whst trawl has been made to attract funding since I understand that at this stage UK Government is not committed to funding a UK Spaceport
Posted by Frank Webb on 10 March 2015
Support Industries and Training

What support industries and training do you see as being required in the locale of a spaceport? Will education of suitably qualified engineers/technicians/scientists be promoted or will talent be hired in from England/overseas etc?

What supporting industry do you see starting up near a spaceport? Composite fabrication? Chemical industry? Electronics/avionics/computing etc?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts :)
Posted by Paul on 04 March 2015
Spaceport at Prestwick
Strongly in favour of a Spaceport in Prestwick. Ideal situation facilities and communication already in place. Idea first proposed in the 1970s. Still very worth pursuing.
Posted by Linda Lunan on 26 January 2015
Drones in space
After having watched the return of the small drone shuttle from space, I have to ask if drones will play a role in any proposed space-port?
Posted by K Wilson on 23 October 2014
A yes vote?
Posted on 05 September 2014
Clava Cairns
Posted on 24 August 2014
Scotland we have lift off!!
Posted on 05 February 2009
Posted on 31 December 2008
Spaceport Scotland
Posted on 19 September 2008
spaceport talk
Posted on 07 November 2007
Getting off the ground
Posted on 14 September 2007
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