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A Gallery of Moray

There are treasures on every beach

and safe anchorages for sailing boats

harbours and waterways to travel along

and the sky above as well

There are corners to sit and enjoy fine local food

castles from a bygone age

and the foothills of the mountains to the south

the slender iron arch of Craigellachie Bridge, completed in 1814 by Thomas Telford

and the pagodas on the stillhouse roofs of over 50 distilleries

There are green fields where new life appears in the spring

fishing villages by the sea, with lobster creels on the pier

and eco-friendly houses in the Findhorn Community

along with the new Moray Arts Centre

while Horizon Scotland provides a home for innovation near Forres

and the lookout tower at Burghead surveys waters where ancient navies patrolled

Burghead continues the old midwinter fire festival of Burning the Clavie

The sea breaks on the pebbles by the Bow Fiddle Rock

and rock forms show the imprint of geological time

Along the shore near Lossiemouth is the Sculptor's Cave

and there are rocks at the sea's edge

and dappled light through the trees

The snow lies in winter on the grounds of Elgin Cathedral

and Elgin itself, by the banks of the Lossie, has Cooper Park with its walks and trees

while on the hills the winds blow strong and cold

and the birds come home in the evening light above the bay of Findhorn, where the wet sands stretch out to the horizon



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